2018 - Present.

Garnethill Multicultural Centre, Glasgow. 25.01.2019
New Glasgow Society, Glasgow. 13.02.2019
Barnes Building, The Glasgow School of Art. 16.01.2019
Pig Rock Bothy, National Galleries of Scotland. 13.11.2018

Easy to assemble bench design for two people to make and sit on together. Using indigenous wood, this bench is affordable and all materials can be sourced at your local hardware store. This simple DIY project requires only basic joinery skills and is suitable for the highly practical and less technical person alike. For ease of use, I have designed this bench to require the timber to be cut to only two different lengths, using a total of 21 pieces of wood. All in all, the bench uses 32 5.0x70mm screws, 15.5 metres of red pine, and at the time of its original construction in the UK, costed only £10.21 per person. The main objective when creating this work was to create a piece of furniture you can sit on and be pleased with after constructing it yourself.